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Vastu Dosh Shanti Pujan: INR 24000


Vastu is a vedic science of building houses or any place to inhabit for life sustainable purposes with intention to flourish. This is done with proper alignment with directions in resonance with positive vibrations aligning from sun and its movement. This is an energy and vibration based pattern of designing the house so that living becomes a blessing and full of wealth, good health , happiness and grace .

East,west ,North and South all four directions are taken into account for different utility of rooms and areas for different purposes .

It is proven fact that if Vastu or the placement setup of the house is incorrect then flow of negative energies result in losses , ill health,and other difficulties. Because of the flow of energies is not coherent amongst residents and the residence.

Therefore, vastu pujan ritual and ceremony balances the flow of energies in an equilibrium with the residence or office ,or commercial complex . Thereafter, either repositioning of certain aspects of the place or establishing the positive chords of harmony through vedic chants ,and mantras the Vastu Effect can be Relocated ,repositioned for the best of all . This helps prevail peace , happiness and good luck in that place.

How puja is performed?

Important Notes:

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