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Rudrabhishek : INR 31000


Rudra abhishek is a sacred bathing ritual of Shivaling with milk ,water and many holy ingredients mixed with them. Chanting Rudra paath , vedic hymns in praise of lord Shiva and his divine powers this holy ritual is performed with utmost devotion and Love for Shiva .

Rudrabhishek benedicts with Good health, Safety, and fulfilment of ones desires . It signifies purification of ones soul from past karma and entering in new life of divinity full of joy and safe shelter of lord shiva .

Astrologically, good and favorable for someone who has afflicted Moon , Rahu ketu ,or Shani placement in ones chart, or kundali.

Highly recommended for people who have low immunity for physical or mental health condition.

How puja is performed?

Important Notes:

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