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Satnarayan Katha Paath (Recitation of a pastime of Lord Vishnu that enables us to establish our defined purpose in this life)



Satya Narayan or Lord Vishnu is a main stream worshipped Form of God in most of the hindu families. This ritual involves pastime telling with puja rituals and sometimes Hawan or fire sacrifice ceremony.

It brings good fortune and sacredness in ones family and life .

The pastime of Lord Vishnu and his devotees is narrated by the pandit, followed with a complete puja. This removes all impurities of life and living conditions bring happiness and peace in family environment.

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Important Notes:

  • Place of puja – Our center
  • Your Mode of participation – Online
  • Duration – Single day
  • Time – 2 to 3 hours.
  • Number of Pundits -1