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Navratri Pujan (Worshipping the goddess of wealth and power during a day of Navratra)



Navratra are 9 days pujan of Goddess Durga or Vaishnavi in its nine transcendental forms .

Each Form benedicts devotees with diverse blessings of power, prosperity, intelligence, beauty , Love, Fame , success ,good health , victory, strength and longevity.

These days are worshipped with appropriate fastings , rituals and celebration by millions of hindus . People follow strict vegetarian regulations during these 9 days and are committed in worshipping Goddess Durga in its nine divine Forms.

Even a single day or few moments of worship is sufficient to create immense material and spiritual benefits .

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Important Notes:

  • Place of puja – Our center
  • Your Mode of participation – Online / Personally present /both
  • Duration – 1 Day
  • Number of Pundits -1