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Beej Mantra Grah Shanti Path (Chanting of Vedic Beej Mantras for initiating positive state in ongoing life circumstances)


Beej mantras are the specific vedic mantras for each planet. Word “beej” means seed . The seed of energy of specific planet is contained in a given mantra to be chanted.

The chanting of the mantra reverberates the higher frequency of the mantra and produces its highest positive effect in order to counteract the negativity of the planetary influence due to Malefic position in your horoscope or Kundali.

The chanting of Beej Mantra produces the utmost positive effect desirable in ones chart that has been lacking due to weak positioning of the planet. It strengthens the planet ,nourishes it and enriches it with positive vibes needed to create positive effects in our life.


Problem Resolving Pooja

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How puja is performed?


  • Online Or Personal Presence. You either personally attend your puja or may request online darshan of your puja as per your convenience. Generally ,each puja can be of single or many days .
  • Online. Minimum 1,2 or 3 live darshan and participation recommended. During different days of ongoing pujan.
  • For example, first day of online sankalp pujan and last day of Hawan , should be followed or participated. In between any day convenient to you may be requested for online darshan.
  • Or you may request 3 OR more video recordings to be sent to you of different days of your ongoing Pujan. Duration of each video sent on WhatsApp can be of 10 to 15 minutes or more.
  • Personal presence recommended on first day, minimum and last day if needed. If not possible then may follow online procedures of participation.
  • All Samgri/. Pujan items and paraphernalia are included in the dakshina cost
  • Regulations : Recommended to be vegetarian during days of puja.

Important Notes:

  • Your Mode of participation – Online / Personally present /both
  • Duration – 5 days
  • Time – 4 hrs to 5 hrs Daily.
  • Number of Pundits -2
  • Video recording is available