Your privacy is important for us. We have developed our Privacy Policy accordingly to protect all your personal data and information and to keep it fully confidential. We do everything reasonably that we can to protect your privacy rights on systems and sites controlled by us; however, we aren’t liable for any unlawful or unauthorized disclosures of your confidential and personal information made by any third parties that are not subjected to our controls. You should take note that the privacy practices and information of all our business partners, sponsors, advertisers, or other websites to which we offer hyperlinks, can be different from our company. We can change our Privacy Policy without notice at any time. 

We categorize the information about you (referred to as your “Personal Information” collectively) as given below: 

(a) Profile Information: Information that you offer while registering, which may include all or some of the following points: Information about your own personal identity like Name, Email, Address etc.; Financial information like your bank details; and contact details etc. 

(b) Payment Information: Account history with our company including all the payment history, billing information, etc. We maintain it in encrypted forms on secure server. 

(c) Services Usage: Information about navigation using our Service, for example URLs of sites that you visit and where you requested download. 

(d) Log information: The information like your IP address, web request, etc. 

(e) Transaction Information: Transactional history about e-commerce activity. 

(f) Users IDs: Your username, password, email address and other security information used about our Services by you. We collect Personal Information only to conduct our whole business and to allow us to improve and deliver our Service. We don’t sell your Personal Data or Information for any reason at all to any third parties or otherwise trade it. 

We will disclose your Personal Data and Information only in accordance with the Privacy Policy of our company. We aren’t liable to you and any third parties for any damage that you or third party might suffer arising from your revelation of Personal Information or data in any environment. You therefore disclose information or data in public environments at your risks. 


Simply, by accepting Terms of our Services you consent that we can collect and store any of your Personal Information provided that you make use of our Services subjected to the limitation set out in our Privacy Policy. 

1. We gather your Account and Profiling Information for the following reasons ever: 

(a) We require your account history, and identity details to manage our relationships with you and offer Services. We may utilize this information to suggest products and promotional schemes and offers. 

(b) We make use of certain information in an aggregated form to collect demographical and statistical profiles for our marketing and business activities. 

2 We gather and store your Transactional and Service Usage Information and data to: 

(a) Verify and determine the Service Charge payable by you & to administer our relationships with you, our customers. 

(b) Obey with any regulatory or statutory requirement. 

(c) Compile demographical and statistical profiles for our marketing and business activities. While we’re entitled to use this information regarding you for our internal business purpose without limitations, we will disclose it only in an aggregated outline which isn’t capable of being interpreted or used in such a way as to recognize you; 

(d) Check your usage of our Service for the purpose of ensuring fulfilment with our Services Terms. 

3. We gather and store your Personal Identifiers and Correspondence Information to: 

(a) Obey with our obligation under the law; 

(b) Check the usage of our services to guarantee your obedience with our Services Terms. Sometimes we utilize “cookies” in order that we can offer you customized information and data when you return back to our site. “Cookies” are utilized to store user preference and to track users’ trends, in order to improve your interactive experiences and usually improve our Service for you. You can also set your browsers to alert you when you’re sent a “cookie”, offering you the chance to decide whether to accept it or not. You might update your Profile Information on the website at any time. You agree and acknowledge that in the interest of improving Service efficiency and personalization, we may, under secure and controlled circumstances, share Personal Information and data with our affiliates or partners. 


If we are needed to intercept, disclose, store and/or monitor your Personal Data and Information: 

(a) To conduct business; 

(b) By law; 

(c) To protect our system; 

(d) To implement our own right, we will do this in the way prescribed by the laws. 

Such interception, disclosure, storage, and monitoring may take place even without your knowledge. In this case, we won’t be accountable to you or a third party for damages howsoever arising. To ensure that our Users obey the Services Terms, we may examine your Personal Data and Information to extent that this might be needed to determine fulfilment and/or to classify instances of non-compliance. The monitoring may include the filtering of outgoing and incoming electronic data messages to identify, prevent and/or limit the transmission of viruses, spam, and/or defamatory, unlawful, obscene, or otherwise unwanted materials or contents. As far as it may be essential, and exclusively for the purpose of offering the Services to you, you consent that we might disclose to these third parties any of your Information that might be necessary for the procurement of service from the third parties.