Pitri Dosh Shanti Pujan: INR 24000


When in ones horoscope or birth chart , Sun or Moon are shadowed with Shani , or Rahu or Ketu, then it is termed as Pitri Dosh.

The symptoms and effects are person feels heaviness in performance of his duties or work, Or May not get along with his or her father Or Feel psychologically depressed and unethsuastic about success. Migraine or Cancer or mental health related issues could also become detrimental in ones progressive pace of life.

Pitri Dosh Shanti pujan and paath Effectively helps clear this shadowed planetary influence and make life path easy and clear , including stable and good health. It remarkably improves your performance in your work field and henceforth mesmerizing pleasant events simply flow in ones life.

Pitri means Forefathers. It is believed in vedic customs that once you have not performed proper duties and carried responsibilities towards your family elders in past life ,while they lived or died. You inccur sort of karmic penalty in next life or say this life in the expression that astrology tells you about this error in your chart and literally you undergo those feelings and events as an evidence.

Therefore, understanding this concept inspires you to participate in this holy ritual to clear your past life karmic debt by prayers and repentance. This grants the descent of blessings of the Universe.

How puja is performed?

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