Navgrah Shanti Puja: INR 15000

Helps pacification of adverse planetary influences and settling their energies in vibration with us


Sometimes we are unaware of our horoscope and planetary positions because of non availability of birth details. We are disturbed by various reasons in life and the smooth running of life seems quite unapproachable. In these type of circumstances and rough moments to be managed in a divine manner,Navagraha Pooja is designed to stretch out wrinkles of our life pattern .

Pacification of planets through proper vedic mantras chanted relieve us from day to day increased pressure of problems. Even while some or most of the planets in our kundali are weak or at combust positions we should take a recourse to Navgraha shanti pujan. Appeasing all the 9 planets to make their energy soothingly in our favor.

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