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Mool Shanti Pujan: INR 36000

Pacification of 6 Mool constellation of stars affecting specific scenarios of our life


There are 27 constellations of stars in our solar system which astrologically have profound effect on lives of humans beings since birth.
Amongst them 6 nakshatras or constellations are termed as Mool category. Amongst them Mool, Ashlesha, and Jyeshtha, are prime. Then Revati, Magha and Ashwini are rest of supporting mool category Nakshatras.
These can be determined through your horoscope or with a consult of good astrologer.
The effect of mool nakshatras in ones life is that person has to work in environment of limited growth and feels suffocated due to lack of speedy development in ones life.
It can also effect health or behavioral issues making person cranky and frustrated due to constant delays of priority work in his or her life.
The remedial puja that can smoothen the negative effect of mool nakshatras should be done as earliest as possible in childhood itself or else they become stronger in pattern henceforth releasing their adverse vibes to hinder the smooth growth and development of an individual.
It is said in scriptures that until the age of 27 years one can settle the adverse effect of Nakshatras through proper vedic rituals and pujas. Once you cross that limit of age it becomes difficult to alter the course of mool stars energy effecting ones life.

It is a very intense puja that requires lot of ground work and preparation. Lot of 27 ingredients in number have to be collected. Each item has to be 27 in number. For example, we collect 27 handful of dust from 27 different places, 27 leaves of 27 different trees need to collected, 27 water reservoirs (very small in quantity)from 27 different wells , 27 pebbles from 27 junctions of paths,likewise there are numerous elements that need to be acquired before proceeding this pujan.
We highly recommend to consult with our astrologers or pandits who can guide you more before initiating puja in case you have more queries.

Important Notes:

For any query, Please contact us!


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