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Navratri Durga Pujan: INR 32000

Performed during 9 days of Navratri receiving boons and benediction from the goddess of wealth Lakshmi


Mahalakshmi or Durga is the presiding diety and Goddess of power , wealth and good fortune . Specifically worshipped during Navratri times ,9 days .

The puja and holy offerings to Her empowers one to begin a journey of life that is full of Power, prestige , fame and wealth . It also bestows strong good health , immunity to ones body and mind from all adverse effects of life . Worshipping Durga gives protection from troubles and removes impediment that seems difficult and unmanageable.

Things become easier and miraculously resolved by taking shelter of Goddess Durga . Our Pandits and Brahmins worship Goddess Durga with utmost sincerity and devotion with vedic hymns, chanting mantras and offering sacred ingredients.

Making your spiritual connection with the Goddess is a blessed trance experience. Come and let’s join this divine experience.

Important Notes:

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