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Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran: INR 22000


If Rahu and ketu in horoscope tie all the planets at an angle of 180 degrees, then it is called Kalsarp Dosh.

That is, its main symptom characterizes the point where you should have been in life, you feel that you have not reached that level yet. You feel this day and night that you are stuck somewhere in life and are not moving or progressing ahead . You feel trapped in given situation of your life and constantly also aware about your hidden immense potential that can surpass the situation but somehow feel conflict of being helpless too.

Kal sarp dosh pujan helps to get rid of this trap and conflict of your life.

The special rules of worship of Kalsarp Dosh and its benefits. There are 3 siddha peeth or places where its pujan is marked successful according to scriptures.It can be worshiped at any of these places.

1. The first of these is Garuda Govind Temple in Vrindavan Garuda Govind Temple. It was built 5000 years ago by Vajranabh, the great-grandson of Lord Shri Krishna. This is a Siddha Peetha where Kalasarp Dosh is completely eliminated due to the influence of Garuda ji and the auspicious signs of the planets are revealed. The circumstances where a person is struggling, after this worship a new dawn In ones life descends and appropriate favorable effects are seen in life.

2. The second Siddha Peetha is Mahakaleshwar Temple Ujjain. Here, by worshiping Mahadev, worshiping Kalasarp Dosh ends and person moves towards a happy life.

3. The third Siddha Peetha is in Trimbakeshwar Nasik, where worshiping methodically kalasarpa dosha ends In perfection. Leading to peaceful and prosperous life.

We are committed to organize this puja in Vrindavan where our specialised and expert brahmins perform this puja.
Note that not all pundits or brahmins are capable of performing this puja because it involves vedic ritualistic specialization by expertise and skillfully trained brahmins in this . It is very elaborate and lengthy pujan ritual and takes almost whole day involved in it at Garud Govind temple Vrindavan.

How puja is performed?

Important Notes:

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