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Bhagwat Saptah: INR 81000 and Above

Frequently Asked Questions

You can participate online by watching , Or by being personally present at our center Or by receiving video recordings of your puja on daily basis. You can also switch to either of these ways anytime, anyday as per your convenience during ongoing puja
We recommend the first day of sankalpa puja participation and the last day of your Hawan, the fire sacrifice ceremony to be attended by you. Or at least one of these two as per your convenience. However, this should be informed and fixed by calling our center .

Yes you can bring them over in your puja at our center. But please
do inform at our center at least a day before or at the time of
booking puja.
However, their participation in your puja might depend upon type of
puja you are performing. Or else they can sit and watch you doing
puja for sure.

Yes surely because it is a divine process for well being of all souls on this planet.
Note : all the following regulations are same for puja or consultation sessions.
● Yes you can. But with the following norms. First , if the booked puja or consultation session is postponed 2 days /48 hrs before booked date. Then it is free of any charge.
● Second, if the booked puja is postponed a day /24 hrs before then 5% of total cost has to be paid more to fix another date.
● Last, if you wish to postpone booked puja on the very day of commencing ,the day it is supposed to be started then additional 20% of the total amount of puja has to be paid in addition to fix another date.
● If the booked puja/ consulration session , is cancelled just after booking anytime until 2 days or 48hrs. before fixed date then 5% of the total amount of the booked puja (or consultation) amount will be deducted and rest refunded.
● If it is cancelled a day/24 hrs. before the fixed date then 10% of the booked paid puja amount will be deducted and rest refunded.
● If it is cancelled on the very day that is fixed for the puja in other words the day your puja is supposed to be started then 25% of the total amount will be deducted and rest refunded.