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Chandra Grihan Dosh shaman: INR 12000


Combination of Moon with Rahu or ketu is termed as Lunar eclipse or chandra grihan in astrology. This can be known in ones birth chart . Also known as Moon in conjunction with south node of Saturn or north node of Saturn.

This position of Moon results in unclear and confused state of mind. A person dramatically feels low energy and low self confidence.

Lurked by constant abstract fears the personal development gets hindered. This also, adversely effects ones health issues and psychologically person feels depressed most of the time and finds life dull and meaningless.

It may have diverse negative effects on mental stability and equilibrium.
This pujan and chanting of mantras empower one to get rid of unknown fears and uncertainty in life and live life to the fullest extent. This inculcates the spirit of enthusiasm ,heightened energy level to accomplish most difficult and incredible tasks and goals with an ease and stability.

A must do pujan for refreshed life status and stress free living with noteworthy level of Joy and fulfilment.

How puja is performed?

Important Notes:

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