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HAWANPUJA.COM is an online platform for puja services and a one-stop solution to your astrological queries. We provide online and offline puja services where we excel at-

Other than these services, we also provide astrological consultations, guidance through life problems and a solution through planetary observations. As we all are a part of one big Universe, not only do we help the ones in need, we also guide them through obstacles that may occur in the near future, for their betterment and success.


We aim to make pujas an easy approach for the ones who wish to conduct them but face some obstacles. We aim in providing hassle-free services to our consumers where they can book, conduct or live stream their pujas with a single click.

We believe in making everything easier to interpret, understand, approach, conduct and organize. We are ready to serve you for any festivities, auspicious occasions, astrologically appropriate pujas and consultations for resolving life issues.


Although we are located in Delhi, our base for pujas to be conducted are Delhi and Vrindavan.

How to Find Appropriate Puja For You

You can go through the table of lists of pujas and search for the puja you wish to conduct. We also provide astrological consultations for the ones who need guidance for booking a puja that suits them the best.